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Welcome to the Optical Sector’s LOC & AOC pages. News and comment from LOCSU, individual LOC/AOCs will be published here. Information on newly engaged community services and factors reported on CCG involvement and links to Primary Health Net LOC support pages are available here.

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PHN LOC Support

PHN recognises that no one community is alike and that whilst a holistic approach can provide some answers, a more selective and local assessment of the needs of the community is required. We also believe that retaining the focus of primary care innovation within the LOC will provide an improved result in both satisfaction of contractors and performers and in greater equity in finance and payment and retention of fees locally. LOCs should and can remain at the heart of the relationship between providers and PCTs and future GP Commissioners.

Most LOCs are now members of LOCSU and many of the LOCs we provide additional website security and usage and information are also members. PHN support has been around for some time now having started some years ahead of LOCSU, and our role has always been more localised in support, whilst we take on relevant information from LOCSU and the National Scene.

Sight Loss in Older People - The Royal College of General Practitioners and the UK Vision Strategy initiative have produced a brand new guide Sight loss in older people: the essential guide for general practice, with the kind support of Thomas Pocklington Trust.

CET Support for LOCs - page listing companies supporting the optical sector who are willing to either sponsor local events, offer demonstrations or CET lectures, or provide equipment for 3rd party users. All subject to availability and budget.

LOC Public Websites - discussion of the need for public information from LOCs and examples of LOCs already using these facilities.

A Guide to your LOC on the web - You can also locate your colleagues at other LOCs by using our comprehensive listing of LOC websites

Primary Health Support for your LOC

Our aim is to provide LOCs with the tools and understanding that will supplement their current knowledge gained locally and nationally and allow them to gain local results using local skills and personnel. PHN believes that a joined up approach to commissioning is necessary to gain benefits for you patients and practices, which is why we have developed close links with the GPs since the formulation of the Health Bill.

We will share the knowledge that we gain where appropriate with both the optometric and primary health providers, in this way developing a respected and convivial working arrangement in localised pathfinder areas.

Currently our LOCs have individual sites that are secure from outside viewing and can share knowledge together on a secure forum platform. This is in addition to the other forum that every Bona Fide LOC Activist can gain access to that will also be secure to LOC workers only. You will need proof of identification from your LOC Officer and an LOC email address before we provide the necessary permissions to allow you to publish on the forums.

The information is provided free to all registrants of the site under our LOC Briefing Section. It is currently being updated to reflect the large changes and opportuinities that have arisen in the Primary Care Sector.

As we update each section we will unsecure the page to allow all visitors to the PHN site to make use of the extensive information available. Until each section is republished therefore you must register (for free) and login whenever you want to access the information. Registration will eventually not be necessary for most pages howver you will need to register to allow you to leave comments and information on our forums. What you will find when entering the Primary Health Support pages:

These sections supplemented by sub sections include:

• A generic and holistic approach to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of an LOC & getting local support
• Considerations necessary in choosing a case for an enhanced service and empowering your team
• Putting together a business proposal for initial approach to a PCT
• Involving PCTs and the people involved that you will meet
• Negotiations and finalising the contract

We hope these pages will enlighten or reconfirm your own views and experiences and will keep them regularly updated with experiences in the field from our Primary Health Support Team who are highlighted on a separate page.

Face to face or telephone advice can be offered on a pro rata time based cost, where local help or intervention is requested. Our aim is to empower your team to conceive and deliver local solutions for local problems, taking into account the National themes and structures that in time will be evident and ensuring that local decisions are a positive step to a National Framework and do not detract from National Goals already accepted.

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