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Welcome to the Optical Sector’s Charities Pages. Send us your stories from the world of Vision Charities and Support groups. PHN provides every legitimate charity and support group with a page for free worth £3600 per annum visible hear on this page and on our highly visited public site (

Tell us about your news, promotions and events as well as stories about the people you have helped and share information with other Vision Charities. Send PR, stories and images to Headline stories will still be highlighted on the home page. Remember you can post your future events for free on our Diary Pages.

Latest Charity News

Charity News Pages July to September 2018

Charity News Pages April to June 2018

Charity News Pages January to March 2018

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Charity and Support Group Listing

How to show support for your chosen charity

Archived Charity News


Charirty News Pages October to December 2017

Charity News Pages July to September 2017

Charity News Pages April to June 2017

Charity News Pages January to March 2017


Charity News Pages October-December 2016

Charity News Pages July-September 2016

Charity News Pages April-June 2016

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Charity News Pages October-December 2015

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Charity News Pages


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